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 Dieselex Gold Testimonial -Russel Hanson

Farmer from Somers, IA

Annual usage: 20,000 gallons

"I was having fuel issues and the fuel filters kept plugging on my machinery.  After being contacted by a STAR Energy FS salesperson, I agreed to try Dieselex Gold. A STAR representative came out to the farm and treated the tank and filled it with Dieselex Gold.  I have noticed a big difference in how my machinery runs after upgrading to Dieselex Gold. Since we have switched to Dieselex Gold we have plenty of power and no longer have​ fuel filter issues. I have been working with STAR now for 15 years. " ​

 Dieselex Gold Testimonial - Horan Farms

Horan farms have been farming in Calhoun County, Iowa for 42 years. They have​ 11 units that use 30,000 gallons of Dieselex Gold a year.

The Horan family started using Dieselex in the spring of 1985. It was offered to them by their salesman as a way to improve their operation.  Once they made the switch, they noticed more power in all their tractors. Their overall performance and efficiency also improved.  The family has now been using Dieselex for 31 years and has been very happy with the quality and performance of both Dieselex Gold and STAR Energy FS. 

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 Dieselex Gold Testimonial- Tony Hammen

Tony has been in the livestock and grain farming business for 17 years and has five tractors and two combines that use 5000 gallons annually.

Scott O'Tool made an appointment to see Tony who had just rented a large farm in the area with his dad, Jeff Hammen. Jeff was already using Dieselex Gold in his operation. After three sales calls to Tony and explaining the programs and the features and benefits of Dieselex Gold, Tony agreed to use Dieselex Gold and began using it in April 2010. Tony has noticed quicker starts and better power with Dieselex Gold. He hasn’t had any filter issues since switching to Dieselex Gold.​​​

 Dieselex Gold Testimonial- Curt Johnson

Curt Johnson has been in the farming and mechanic business for 5 years. He has two tractors and one combine that use 3000 gallons annually.

Scott met with Curt after a referral from Mike Holtapp. Curt was also experiencing filter issues and after talking about and ready our Dieselex Gold brochure decided to try Dieselex Gold. So Curt started using Dieselex Gold in September 2009 and since he switched his filter problems have stopped. He is very happy with how much he has saved on filters and no downtime while busy in the field.

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 Dieselex God Testimonial- Mike Holtapp

​Mike Holtapp has been in the farming and trucking business for 29 years and has five farm units and one semi truck that uses 7000 gallons annually. Scott stopped to see Mike on a cold call with John Hepler.

Mike said that he knew our fuel was better but was using another competitor because they could supply him with no lead gasoline. Scott corrected that issue about the gasoline and after three more sales calls Mike agreed to give Dieselex Gold a try September of 2009. Mike was experiencing filter issues with current fuel but since changing to Dieselex Gold has had no filter plugging problems. Mike is very happy that he does not have filter issue and the downtime involved.