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 Meridian Fuel Tanks

STAR Energy FS is a dealer for Meridian Fuel tanks. Meridian tanks offer superior strength while being efficient and economical. Meridian's heavy steel components are engineered for dependable durability and the premium powder coat paint has a two-year limited warranty. Meridian tanks have many great features and have the quality and workmanship you have come to expect from Meridian products.

 Fuel Trailer 990

STAR Energy FS in collaboration with Meridian Manufacturing has designed a quality and dependable fuel trailer to give our customers peace of mind.  The Fuel Trailer 990 is constructed of 10ga steel, double-welded with a durable powder coat finish.  Standard features on the frame include heavy-duty fuel tank securement brackets, 7k axles with electric drum brakes and all the DOT required lighting.  Meridian has set the standard in excellence for the storage and handling industry. They have incorporated the latest technological innovations to meet our customers' ever-changing needs. 


 Fuel Tank Maintenance

Proactive fuel management is important.  Condensation occurs in diesel fuel storage tanks as the temperature changes, which may cause contaminants such as dirt and sludge to build up.  In order to help our customers prevent fuel quality issues, STAR Energy FS is offering diesel tank cleaning.  Our machine provides your STAR Energy FS Management Specialist with the means to effectively clean the inside of diesel fuel storage tanks in an environmentally-friendly way.  Our total interior cleaning system cleans from top to bottom and side to side.  As a result, your fuel storage tank will be contaminant-free, and contaminant-free fuel helps diesel engines run cleaner, longer and at top performance.