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 Dieselex Gold Performance Challenge

​​​Take the Dieselex Gold Performance Challenge by comparing your current diesel fuel with Dieselex​ Gold. 

Whether you are in the field or on the road you will find that Dieselex Gold outperforms other diesel fuels. But don't take our word for it- see for yourself. 

All you have to do is fill your storage tank with Dieselex Gold and watch for evidence of improved performance such as better fuel efficiency, faster starts, restored power and quieter operation. Then let us know the results. With ​Dieselex Gold's superior additive chemistry, we are confident that you will see overall improved engine performance​. 

You have nothing to lose- if you find that your current fuel outperforms Dieselex Gold, we will reimburse the difference in price between Dieselex Gold and your current fuel. So why not take the challenge? 

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Please contact Scott O'Tool ​ at 515-370-6102 if you would like to take the challenge​.