​Take CONTROL of your business purchases with our commercial card: 

 Security & Control

• Driver cards – Your employees keep the card with them.

• Vehicle cards – Leave the card in the vehicle for employees to use with their unique driver ID’s.

• Allows up to 99 driver ID numbers to be

associated with one card.

• Product restrictions limit unwanted

purchases; restrict cards to fuel, service and merchandise.​


  • ​Many fuel pricing options available. Ask yoursales representative for more information.

  • Flexible billing and payment options.


• Manage your account and purchases with online reporting.

• Email and text alerts keep you informed with contract information.

• Detailed and customizable reporting allows breakout by card, driver ID, vehicle number and odometer reading to track purchases.

• Over 250 FAST STOP & FAST STOP Express locations to serve your needs. Use the FASTSTOP Locator to find your nearest station at​

 Tax-Exempt Billing

• Billing occurs at tax-exempt rate.

• Detailed reporting shows tax-exempt status.​

​​The FAST STOP Consumer Card helps you CONTROL personal expenses by offering:


 • Pay a variety of ways, whether its oil changes for the family vehicle or merchandise inside the FAST STOP locations.

• Detailed transaction reporting allows information to be sorted by vehicle or driver ID to track spending.

• Special pricing options may be available, contact your sales representative.​


​Track family spending by assigning a driver ID number for each family member using the card.

• Limit unwanted purchases by adding product restrictions. Restrictions can be placed on three general categories.

• Control unwanted spending by limiting purchases to certain days of the week and times of day.​


 • There are over 250 FAST STOP and FAST STOP Express locations to serve your needs.Use the FAST STOP Locator to find your nearest station at​​

To apply for a FAST STOP Card: Click the Applications tab above and fill out the consumer or commercial retail application.