​Help Fuel the Thin Blue Line

 Fuel the Thin Blue Line

STAR Energy FS and Local Designated Peace Officers  invite you to FUEL the Thin Blue Line. This program creates a unique opportunity that the entire community can participate in. All that is needed in the Fuel the Thin Blue Line program is to purchase gas or diesel with a STAR Energy FS / Fuel the Thin Blue Line / at any of the FAST STOP Express locations. For specific information on our locations, feel free to visit www.efaststop/locator.com.

 How can you sign up?

Many of you may already have a STAR Energy FS / FAST STOP Express card. If so, all you have to do is designate on this form that you want to participate in the Fuel the Thin Blue Line program and return it to STAR Energy FS and your new Fuel the Thin Blue Line cards will be mailed to you.

If you want to participate and do not have a STAR Energy FS / FAST STOP Express card, simply fill out a credit application listed below. You can also call 888-4FS-Fuel to have one mailed to you.

Two times a year, January and July STAR Energy FS will accumulate all the gallons purchased under the Fuel the Thin Blue program and present a check to Local Designated Peace Officers to assist in designated purchases.

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 FUNDING for the Thin Blue Line

​$.03 per gallon goes to Local Designated Peace Officers on all purchases through any of the STAR Energy FS/ FASTSTOP Express Retail Locations.

 Benefits of the Card

​Different from other credit cards, the STAR Energy FS / FAST STOP Express card is a convenient way to purchase fuel and pay off your balance each month. Paying off the balance each month avoids finance charges like other companies that charge you a monthly interest rate in return to offer you rebates or rewards.

 Local Peace Officers Enrolled

​Webster County Crime Stoppers

Calhoun County Sheriff &

Rockwell City Police Dept.

Clay County Sheriffs Dept.

BV County Sheriff &

Storm Lake Police Dept.