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 FS Lubricants

Since the late 1920s, FS Member Companies through GROWMARK Inc. and its predecessor companies have been supplying the finest in fuel and lubricant products.  And since our company is owned by its customers, the people who actually use our products, our lubricants are blended to provide the absolute best performance using the latest technology available in the industry.  We are so concerned about the quality and supply of our products that we purchased our own facility.

When you understand the painstaking detail that goes into FS branded lubricants, it's easy to see why Suprex Gold ESP heavy duty engine oil and FS Power Fluid have been so successful through the years.  FS Lubricants:  It's where field proven experience and technology meet.

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 Archer Lubricants

Quality never goes out of style. And "Quality Worth Talking About" truly describes the Archer brand of lubricants, greases and automotive products. As new technology has been engineered into farm, fleet and construction equipment, we have developed new products and better performing formulations that meet and often exceed equipment manufacturer's demanding specifications.  It all starts where our lubricants are made.

Whether you are looking for premium products you can trust, you need to look no further.  For over 80 years, products like our Premium Arpeco, Uni-Fluid XP and the Archer Gold family of synthetic and synthetic blend products have the set the performance standards that other products only aspire to match.  Archer – Its quality worth talking about.

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 United Lubricants

For over 75 years, United Lubricants has built its reputation on high quality lubricants, greases and industrial fluids. The United Brand is thriving because of our tireless commitment to quality control and product consistency which we are able to achieve at our manufacturing facility in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

If you are looking for high quality, competitively priced lubricants, greases and industrial fluids for the commercial, trucking, industrial, agricultural and construction industries, you've come to the right place.  Products like our Super Premium Fleet and Universal Transdraulic Oil are legendary in terms of performance and protection.  United Lubricants:  Quality Products, Great Value.

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